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Dream Limousine Ride Gives A Healthy Feeling

Journey Limo continuously value their customers and try to maintain the maximum level of customer satisfaction and customer service. By riding on dream limousine, you will be exceptionally impressed from the quality of this luxury car. It is beating the competition with any other car. It is setting new standards.

Check out this interesting post by Douglas Baya about world’s longest car:

Photos – This Is The World’s Longest Car! It Has A Swimming Pool and A Helipad

By Douglas Baya – February 9, 2017

Cars are big boys’ toys. Most men will forgive you for sleeping with their wives but will never ever let you mess with their rides. Well, if you are one of them, I mean a sucker for cars, this piece will most definitely make your day. There are innumerable car models that come with tones of attractive features but none has surpassed the American Dream Limo which is currently making headlines, thanks to its super exaggerated length and other enticements like a swimming pool, a helicopter helipad among others. The car is considered as the world longest car.

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No matter at what function you are going to, you can always make use of this car. These cars can accommodate up to eleven passengers at a time. The ceiling of this car is just like the ceiling of a disco. Imagine how much fun it would be by riding on this car. There are two large televisions in this car. In short it is giving full entertainment package as well.

Jeremy Korzeniewski is telling you what a dream prom date car looks like:

Stretched Dodge Challenger SRT limo is a prom date’s dream ride

Jeremy Korzeniewski

Whether you fondly remember your prom or are doing your very best to forget it, something tells us it would have been way better had you arrived in the machine you’re about to see in the video after the break. Yes, it’s a limo – and what high schooler wouldn’t want to get dropped off in a stretched machine – but the real draw is that it’s very likely the fastest limo in the lot.

Starting life as a Dodge Challenger SRT8, this blacked-out limo was crafted by LA Custom Coach after four and a half months of bending, stretching and welding. It boasts a completely custom interior done up in a unique black and red scheme along with a 24-inch LED screen and a full bar… but not for those headed to the prom, of course.

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Hidden subwoofers are attached with good quality of sound system. This car is fully air conditioned, what else you demand. This car is designed by keeping in mind the requirements of modern customers. This spacious car is what everyone desires for.

Check out this 100 feet limo in this video by

All the customers of, feel much valued and delighted by riding on it. The facilities being enjoyed by the customers of limousine are absolutely worth watching. Make your events memorable by riding on limousine.