The Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Why Our Review is a Little Long and Very Detailed.

Hi, and welcome to a relatively indepth review of the “TAA” Program.

Ironically the Truth About Abs program has little to do with “abs” as such , it’s more focussed on overall fat loss and health. I’ll get into that in more detail below.

The Truth About Abs is digital product, and “e-book” and not a physical product, this means you simply download it to your computer to read or print out. The Truth about Abs, is also known as the Truth About Six Pack Abs, in case you were confused it was two separate products. Geary charges $39 for the product and there’s a bunch of optional extras you can buy when ordering if you feel they benefit you, more on that below.

What’s it all About?

“TAA” is a 149 page e-book, detailing personal trainer and author Mike Geary’s techniques for lowering bodyfat to the level needed to see your abs (for men around 12% or less and women around 18% or less). Geary’s primary focus early on in the book is to explain the simple yet often misunderstood fact that abs are predominantly made in the kitchen, not in the gym.

By that I mean, everybody has abs, without them you wouldn’t be able to move, yes you can make them deeper and more pronounced with the exercises Geary provides , but ultimately you have to lower your body fat levels to see them.

“The issue for most people isn’t how to get a set of abs, the issue for most people is …
how do you remove all the fat covering the abs you already have .”

Geary is at great pains to focus the program away from endless sets of crunches and into a diet and exercise program which focuses directly on fat burning methods to reveal the abs underneath.

Yes, there are of course many ab exercises included in the program but the key to take home about “The Truth About Abs” is that the programs focus is on fat loss and health, not just one huge “ab” workout.

So with that said, I’m going to break down the 2 primary components of the program into a diet and workout section below.

The Truth About Abs Diet/Nutrition Approach.

Geary starts the Diet section with a look at some of the nastier food types worth staying away from and gives you a rundown on transfats, corn syrups, the usual advice on avoiding junk food, and why to avoid fad, extreme diets etc. Nothing ground breaking in the initial section, but all solid information somebody concerned with their health should pay attention to.

Past that we get into more interesting territory where Geary reveals his exact meal plans (he includes pages of pre made diets for those less inclined to make their own diets). There’s a strong focus on nutritious food types, lean proteins, vegetables and healthy fats , along with some more advanced techniques on keeping your metabolism firing fast enabling you to burn more calories at rest .

This isn’t a “low calorie” diet, Geary doesn’t believe in very low calories diets, and explains why ultimately these backfire by slowing down your metabolism (RMR) making it even harder to lose fat as your body goes into starvation mode and refuses to give up any more body fat, instead retaining it for energy.

Detailed Meal Plans. (Example to the right)

There’s some detailed meal plans, conclusions on how often and when you should eat (important) , some nice tricks in regards calorie refeeds to keep the fat loss consistent.

What Geary has done which is important is take a bunch of relatively complex and advanced dietary techniques and put them across in a “For Dummies” mode, amalgamting them into the core Truth About Abs program in a manner which makes them entirely doable for everybody.

Calorie counting, hmm, not a lot of that about in TAA, Geary is more focussed on food choices which create fullness and have inherent fat burning abilities, he lists all these in the pre made meal plans.

In fact he has a conclusive list of a bunch of fat burning foods he recommends and a bunch of foods you should never eat if fat loss is your primary goal.

There’s a couple of plugs for some supplements he recommends, Green tea being one of them, nothing wrong with Green Tea, it’s a great anti-oxidant and offers a variety of health benefits, but I’m disagreeing with Geary on this one in regards it’s ability to burn much fat, all the recent data shows us it doesn’t do much. Not that it’s a big deal, Geary doesn’t focus much on supplements, less than 2 pages out of the entire 149.

In conclusion, the Truth about Abs nutrition program is sound and despite a few clever tricks for manipulating fat burning, isn’t complicated to follow. Geary provides a bunch of pre-made meals and food choices along with an online calculator for determing calorie needs etc. Food choices are basic, not esoteric and can be found in any shop, focuses on natural unprocessed food, and tilts heavily towards healthy food choices .

The Truth About Abs Workout Program

Ok, so this is probably the main reason many people consider purchasing The Truth About Abs, thinking Geary has some magic exercises that will suddenly deliver a stunning head turning six pack. Well as I explained above, abdominal exercises will of course deepen the ab muscles over time, but ultimately the ONLY important factor in getting a lean tummy area is losing fat so your abs can actually be seen under that layer of fat.

To that end, while the workout program does include a variety of abdominal exercises aimed at delivering great toned midsection, the bulk of the workouts are all based on metabolically taxing fat burning exercises.

What may come to a shock to some is that actually doing lunges for example in the privacy of your own home burns a ton of calories and fat and therefore is far more efficient at finally removing the layer of fat over your abs.

So the workouts Geary gives are based on choosing fat burning exercises that work your entire body and burn fat for you. He recommends no more than 5 minutes of actual direct abdominal exercises 2-3 x a week, the rest is focussed on the big fat burning exercises which he lays out in full photograph based workout sheets.

Geary lays out a lot of exercises, especially ab exercises to AVOID, due to the stress they place on the spine, and lists all the variations you can do to relieve ab training boredom.

There’s a selection of workouts he provides for 3 different scenarios.

  • A workout designed to be completed in a Gym.
  • Workouts designed to be done at home with basic equipment (exercise ball etc)
  • Workouts designed to be done at home with no equipment.

This is one of the stronger elements in the Truth About Abs program, Geary realizes that a lot of people simply do not have the time or inclination to go to a gym, so includes a detailed “home workout” approach, he gets brownie points for that.

PLUS Points For The Truth About Six Pack Abs.

  • Work out at home with our without equipment.
  • No long duration cardio workouts .]
  • The program works, he has a huge number of before/after solid testimonials and a huge following of TAA addicts.
  • Solid dietary plan based on eating natural healthy foods.
  • Meal Plans Included.
  • Workout plans with photos included.
  • Email support in case you have questions.
  • Suitable for men and women of any age.
  • Focusses on quality nutrition and resistance training to tone and firm the body while losing fat.
  • Workouts deal with losing fat to see the abs rather than the misunderstanding that endless sitsups make abs.

Negative Points For The Truth About Abs.

  • A number of plugs for supplements, exercise equipment etc, you can ignore them.
  • No videos of every exercise only photos.
  • Would have been nice if the videos of the exercises were included in the basic package.
  • Physical version only available as an extra charge once you order the electronic version.
  • No community forum type area for people to discuss the program specifically.

Conclusion on Plus and Negative Points
Not much to complain about with the Truth About Abs, solid program, well put together, easy to follow with a LOT of happy satisfied customers.

What Does The Truth About Abs Program include ?

The Truth About Abs Program includes:

  • The Truth About Six Pack Abs 149 page PDF eBook (Viewable on PC Or Mac and Fully Printable)
  • Your Personal Metabolic Calculator
  • Free Subscription to Lean Body Fitness Secrets eMagazine
  • Free 5 Keys to Fat Loss DVD from ex Biggest Loser Trainer Kim Lyons
  • Em-Power , Improve your mind 5 Part Audio Series.

Customer Support For The Truth About Abs – Rating

I’m guessing Geary has a team of folks doing his customer service, his was the quickest of the various programs we have tested to date. We may of course have just gotten lucky and hit a slow period but our ticket/question asking about whether we could download this on an Apple Mac was answered in under 30 minutes. Not bad at all, happy with that.

The Truth About 6 Pack Abs Program Scam.

As with all products on H&M, we purchase them in full ourselves in order to provide the detailed reviews we do, we had no issues in the order process and our card was billed accordingly with no issues. The author has a clean bill of health with the BBB , if the program appeals to you, you can order in confidence.

About The Author: Mike Geary , CNS, CPT.

The Truth About Abs program is the love child of certified personal trainer Michael Geary. Aside from the Truth about Six pack abs, Geary also authored “The Fat Burning Kitchen” and is a contributor to Muscle & Fitness and Oxygen For Women Magazines. Geary’s one of the more accomplished online fitness authors , his credentials are solid. He also holds a Bachelors of Science degree and runs an online fitness newsletter with 710,000 subscribers!

The Truth About Abs Program is right for you IF ..

You like to workout at home, have limited time, and accept that getting a great six pack is a function of your diet as much as it is your training.

Our Final Conclusion.

Geary’s Truth About Abs program isn’t a quick fix, or a magic exercise you can perform to suddenly look like a cover model, it’s a well structured fat loss program which focusses on health and nutrition to achieve low levels of body fat so you can see your abs/flat stomach. Those looking for a quick fix magic pill will be dissapointed, sexy bodies don’t come in a pill or a “secret” they come in applying a program like The Truth About Abs for 8-10 weeks and being consistent.

The program squashes the erreoneous advice given by those looking for a quick buck that somehow you can just do situps all day long and get a six pack and instead focusses on what’s important, a fat burning whole body toning workout and a fat loss diet.

Overall it’s a very solid program written by a well qualified and experienced personal trainer and author with a solid support help desk and a very fair price for what you get.

User feedback is positive and the program has a database of verified before and after success stories. The Truth About Abs program is suitable and safe for those looking to reduce fat using a healthy diet and measured exercise program. Recommended.

The program has sound scientific research behind it, and contains plenty of pre made diets and photograph based workouts, which won’t bore you to tears.